We're here to make you look good. If we don't, you simply don't have to pay us. 

We like to keep our clients. Which means we like to keep them happy. That's why we offer a guarantee. It's dead simple. If we don't satisfy your expectations, then you don't pay us. 

Here's how it works.

 Colour Guarantee

"We WILL make your colour shout so that it gets noticed for the right reasons.  If our print is not the best possible match to your artwork file's colours - then you don't  pay us."*1

Deadline Guarantee

"We WILL meet your deadline. If we fail to have the goods ready to despatch on the agreed date, then you don't pay us."*2

Canvas Guarantee

"You WILL be stunned by Hudson's quality. If you aren't impressed by the quality of our printed stretched canvases,  if you don't feel that the materials or finish specification are better than any canvas you've bought elsewhere, then you don't pay us." *3

Equipment Guarantees

Each of the manufacturers we distribute for offer guarantees against mechanical failure. These vary from one year to ten years depending on product. If you purchase display equipment from us and encounter mechanical issues, we won't pass the buck to the manufacturer. In the unlikely event of a mechanical failure, we will handle any guarantee claim on your behalf.


*1 - This means the best possible commercial match on your chosen media. We can't match colours that a media/ink combination can't possibly hit. Where colours can't be hit we promise to always discuss problem colours with you BEFORE outputting the work - no nasty surprises!

*2 - When accepting an order we will agree a deadline with you based on the date we will receive print ready artwork. If the artwork is late arriving, incomplete or not print ready when it arrives, all bets are off - but we will still of course endeavour to meet your deadline!

*3 - There's no explanation required really. Show us a canvas of similar size that you've had printed elsewhere - and if it has better quality materials or is better finished than ours, we'll give you ours free of charge and get back in our Colour Barn to improve our standards.