Flags And Banners

PVC Banners 

These are a popular cost effective way of producing large graphics. As well as medium and heavyweight PVC, our range of banner materials includes a budget priced environmentally considerate "reground" banner. And if you really want to demonstrate your green credentials why not opt for our fully biodegradable banner. 

Digitally Printed Textiles

We offer both solvent and dye sublimated flags, banners, lamp post shrouds and table cloths. We also supply associated fixtures and fittings including drive-on base flag poles, ground spike and free standing flag poles, window mounted flag fittings (using suction fixtures), projection flag poles, lamp post band and clamps.


It's not always business as usual. When a theatre company came to us they specified 4 metre "flag" drops. The catch was they required right reading graphics on each side with absolutely no show through. We enjoyed the challenge and rose to it with our "hang flat" dual sided banner with a centre light stop layer. If you think it's impossible don't write it off before you talk to us. You'll be surprised.