Exhibition Graphics

Exhibitors are always looking for that next big thing, the wow factor that conveys their message and more importantly, brings customers to their stand. There's nothing worse than having a great stand design and being let down with lacklustre graphics. Our colour doesn't whisper (unless you want it to). It shouts from the stand and gets noticed. 

We produce graphics for exhibition stand designers and installers. Our expertise isn't in design or installation, just as you shouldn't expect stand designers to be experts at producing top quality graphics. We'll often collaborate to determine the best way of achieving a design goal - always with a mind on budget vs effect. The objective: always to produce the kind of eye-popping colour that makes potential customers stop and look. 

Textiles, carpets, floor graphics, foam pvc walls, magnetic panels, and seamless graphics for shell systems are just a few of the media we work with. They're all delivered ready to install, on deadline. Your assurance is our guarantee. 

 "We WILL meet your deadline. If we fail to have the goods ready to despatch on the agreed date,

- then you simply don't have to pay us."