Stretched Canvases

We've operated our Fine Art reproduction service since 2006, under the trading name "The Colour Barn". 

Specialists in short run and limited edition works, produced primarily on archival canvas, with associated certification and edition tracking. The Colour Barn was specifically created to serve the needs of artists reselling their work. 

In addition, photographic studios have become an important client base - which is not surprising when you consider how important colour accuracy and soft proofing options are to that industry. Studios find it refreshing to be selling high quality canvasses, in a market saturated with the kind of cheesy, badly produced, inferior quality chain store art you find in certain high street shops. (If it's an instant cheap and nasty 'your photo on canvas' print job you're after, then we're not your people!)

Our work is the highest quality available, suitable for fine art reproduction. We stretch quality archival canvas onto gallery quality stretcher bars. We could go on and on about our fine art reproduction credentials but we'll leave you with this since it does all the talking:

"If you aren't happy with the quality of our printed stretched canvases;
if you don't feel that the materials, the finish and the colour accuracy, are better
than any canvas you've bought online, or from a High Street "art" vendor
- then you simply don't have to pay us."