About Us

Hudson Display Services began trading in 2004, when we converted an old barn into The Colour Barn. Since then we've produced high quality, wide-format print in an ever increasing range of forms and materials for designers, sign makers, builders of exhibition stands and the creative industries. 

When it comes to wide format print we know every aspect, inside out.  Our expertise is a major reason why clients trust us for their print and display needs and it's why they return to us again and again. They know that we'll explain exactly what the job entails up front, that we won't lead them up the garden path and leave them there on a deadline. And they know we'll deliver over and above their expectations. Most of all they can rest assured that we understand what's at stake. Let's face it, if your boss is expecting the very best for an exhibition stand or shop sign, it's not the time to take risks with suppliers. You don't want to think about colour accuracy or deadlines. After all, you have enough to worry about.

Our track record in wide format print speaks for itself. We know our stuff. We tell it like it is, directly and with clarity so you know exactly what your print or display job entails. There are no hidden costs. We're always here for you to talk to us.  And we're reliable. So much so that many clients now use us as their secret production department. We don't mind that they hide it: we're rather honoured they think that highly of us.

We hope that our philosophy makes us the kind of partner you want and maybe even your secret production department. After all we're here to make you look good.